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  NPI Number  10-digit  
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To allow lookup of NPI number (National Provider Identifier) as well as other publicly available information about healthcare providers and institutions for free in a fast, user-friendly and convenient way. To obtain data files for a charge of $100 of the entire NPI database in a relational format in Microsoft access, excel or csv format please feel free to contact us.

USAGE (NPI Number Lookup)

Please use above NPI Number Lookup form to look up NPI number of a health care provider (physician, surgeon, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, chiropractor, dentist, psychologist, etc) or organization (hospital, practice, nursing home, diagnostic center, DME provider, home health agency, etc). In addition to NPI number, several pieces of other information can also be looked up including phone, address, taxonomy and other numbers. At least one field must be used. If NPI number is entered above, search will be based ONLY on the NPI number and other fields will be ignored. Only a maximum of 250 records will be returned. Thus maximize usage of the number of fields to keep the searches narrow. Search parameters must be EXACT. Thus if SMIT is searched, SMITH or SMI will not be returned, only SMIT will be returned. If there are characters like space " " or dash "-" etc in the database, that will also need to be entered, thus must be EX-ACT. Search is NOT cASE sensitive.

Exception: Zip Code (Postal Code) search does not need to be exact. Thus if zip5 is entered, full zip9 may also be returned. Thus if 55555 is entered, 55555 as well as 555554444 will also be returned if found. The left side of the search criteria will be matched. The same is true for "Address Line 1" of Practice location. "Address Line 1" usually is street address. Same exception applies to Organization Name.

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